Are you new to the gym, stuck in a rut or simply want the hands-on support to smash through lifetime personal bests? Our Coached Club removes the guesswork by giving you the roadmap to success in our friendly, private, but highly motivating facility… But there’s a catch…

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Meet Your Coach!

I’m Mac, Head Coach of Capricorn Fitness and my mission is to help ordinary people get the most out of experiencing strength and fitness so they can lead more confident, independent lives.

Before I started my own strength building journey, I was a keen mountaineer and loved running, swimming and circuit training and I was in a hugely rewarding career in the Royal Air Force Regiment. However, I developed a form of Inflammatory Bowel Disease called Ulcerative Colitis in my early thirties my physical and mental health took a sudden nose-dive. I couldn’t do any of the things I loved anymore, and I became increasingly anxious, self-conscious and fatalistic. My stress levels peaked and I had no outlet to help me blow off steam. I also became a dad which brought it’s own ups and downs!

I was at the end of my tether with no end in sight when I stumbled upon strength training and it just ‘clicked’. I regained muscle, dropped body fat, my knees and back stopped hurting and I became more athletic and powerful than I had ever been before. I fell in love with the training process, coped with stress much more effectively, regained my confidence and found the resolve to stop my disease from ruling my life.

I left the Air Force, founded Capricorn Fitness, opened a gym and became the UK’s first Barbell Logic Professional Barbell Coach. The more people I trained, the more I noticed that most of them were struggling with their own issues and the process of getting stronger and fitter had an equally positive effect on their physical AND mental health. By coaching them, THEY taught me to be a better, more considerate and effective coach.

That’s why I created Coached Club; to help people like you to overcome your struggles with getting started with training. It’s the culmination of my own coaching journey where I’ll give you the tools to learn how to move efficiently, use equipment safely and train effectively all in a private, professional and non-judgemental environment. Let me help you get more out of life by starting your own strength and fitness journey in the best way possible.


An 8-week block with two sessions every Tuesday and Thursday evenings (1830-1945) at Capricorn Fitness in Fochabers. Each session will be led by our head-coach so that every lifter gets real-time hands-on coaching on all their lifts. You’ll learn the 4 main barbell lifts (squat, bench press, deadlift and overhead press) and then follow a bespoke programme designed to get you stronger as efficiently and safely as possible. Your coach will ensure that your form and technique keep pace with your growing strength and control your programme so you get the most from your training. You’ll become confident in selecting and setting up your equipment, how to warm up efficiently and move confidently so you can feel at home in ANY gym. The 8-week block will finish with a group throwdown and you’ll see just how far you’ve come in just a short while

Nope! This programme is designed to build you up from scratch. If you have some experience but it’s been a while or you’re looking to start fresh, then this is for you too!

We highly recommend getting a pair of squat shoes so you can make the most of your sessions (if you were going running, you’d get a pair of running trainers wouldn’t you?). If you’re not sure what to look for, please drop us a message and we’ll be happy to help. Don’t worry if you can’t get shoes before starting training, you’ll be fine with regular training shoes in the early days and we can provide more guidance once you get started. Things like belts and straps can come later!

A standard 1-1 session here is £45/hour but you’ll pay as little as £25/hour as part of Club. Our next Club block is 8 weeks long and you can make a single one-off purchase of £400 or two monthly payments of £220.

Please complete this enquiry form to get started and one of our coaches will be in touch! You’ll be invited to join our programming software to keep track of your progress and you can join our members community on FB where you can connect with the rest of the Capricorn Fitness crew and access even more resources. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll get a welcome email confirming your place and our first sessions will be on Tuesday 16th August.