Get stronger and fitter to help you deal with whatever life throws at you.

Inactivity is NOT the answer; let’s get you moving.

At Capricorn Fitness we provide:

♦ A high quality training environment

♦ Professional coaches

♦ The coaching & programming you need, when you need it

Each of our memberships benefit from:

♦ Three-month sign up (because that’s generally how long it takes to see results) then a monthly rolling subscription to avoid tying you into a long-term contract

♦ Keep the same price point (no fee increases) for the duration of your subscription

♦ Option to cancel after your first session if you decide it’s not for you

We’re a members only gym which means casual drop-ins are not usually permitted so please get in touch if you’d like more info. All consultations will take place remotely via phone or conference call.

Open Gym Times:

Monday: 0900-2000
Tuesday: 0900-1830 (Coached Club 1830-2000)
Wednesday: 0900-2000
Thursday: 0900-1830 (Coached Club 1830-2000)
Friday: 0900-2000
Saturday: 0900-1300

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How does it work?

Whether you’re completely new to training or coming to us with a training history, most people will start with what we call a Novice Linear Progression or NLP. This generally lasts between 2-6 months and you’ll be coached on the 4 main lifts (Squats, Bench Press, Deadlift & Overhead Press) in order to train effectively and build up a reservoir of strength, skill, power & fitness that will act as a solid stepping stone to whichever path you chose to take next. It could be competition, sport specific or most commonly; keep getting generally stronger and fitter to help you live your life better OUTSIDE the gym. Your coach will help you navigate the journey based on your goals and constraints such as available training time, injuries, illness and energy levels.