Michael McGregor Fitness Instructor Fochabers

**** Gym closed week of 15-19th July 2019 *****

If you’re looking for a gym with rows of ‘Cardio’ machines, the latest classes for ‘toning, shredding, metabolising, ripping or fat-busting’ and the chance to have a good blether with your friends whilst you power-walk on the treadmill, you should look elsewhere.

The Capricorn Fitness training facility is a stripped down gym (there aren’t even any showers) where the focus is on building strength through training with barbells.  It’s aimed at novices who are new to lifting although there’s plenty of scope to satisfy more experienced lifters.

We all have one thing in common; we can all be stronger than we are right now and here, you’ll learn how to EXERCISE confidently so that you can TRAIN effectively and get STRONGER.  Strength underpins every aspect of our physical performance; from improving sporting performance to getting up and down the stairs without help.

Coaching is offered through one-on-one, small group sessions and classes and I also offer limited use of the gym with open sessions for existing clients.

*** If you’re interested in training here, please get in touch in advance to arrange a time to visit.  If you drop in without advance warning, the chances are I’ll be coaching a client or class and I won’t be able to spare much time to chat. ***