At Capricorn Fitness we offer professional in-person and online Strength and Conditioning coaching and personal training to help everyday people deal with whatever life throws their way.

Life is tough and everyone benefits from being stronger and fitter. The challenge of making yourself physically and mentally more robust will better arm you for the road ahead.

We understand that getting started with strength training can be intimidating and confusing. We’re here to help you get over those barriers and get you training safely and effectively.

You still have to do the hard work; we can’t do it for you! BUT, we can teach you the skills you’ll need, provide a great environment for you to train and be there to give advice and help when things aren’t going your way. We’ll help you adapt.

Capricorn Fitness is with you for the long haul.


Here’s something we see ALL THE TIME. You’ve decided that you want to make and change and you want to get fitter and stronger. But you’re anxious about stepping into a big loud gym where everyone else seems know what they’re doing; you feel like you don’t belong or have had a bad experience before. So you do nothing.

We’re a small, members-only gym where we keep our numbers low to ovoid overcrowding which makes your first few sessions far less intimidating. It also  helps keep things pretty quiet (Well, as quiet as they can be; it’s still a gym after all!)

There are no mirrors here so there’s no sly ogling. Well, there is one, but it’s behind a curtain and we only use it for as a weapon of last resort. You don’t need a mirror to learn how to move; we’ll teach you how to FEEL the movement.

YOU BELONG HERE. You’re not on your own; you’re part of a team. There’s always a coach on hand to lend advice and our members help and encourage one another.

We LOVE to coach; it’s what we do. We don’t just reel you in and then cast you adrift; we arm you with knowledge and skill and so that you become more confident and train safely and effectively for years to come.