1. As a member/user of the Capricorn Fitness Training Facility, I undertake to comply with the following terms and conditions:

a. I will comply with the Training Facility Rules at all times and I understand that it is my responsibility to stay up to date with any changes. The facility rules can be found at I understand that my access to the facility can be withdrawn at the discretion of the owner of Capricorn Fitness Ltd should I fail to comply with the rules.

b. If I arrive late to a class and miss the session brief and/or warm up, I may not be permitted to take part in the class and no refund will be made. I accept that this decision is exclusively at the discretion of the class/session instructor.

c. I will forfeit my payment if I book a class or session and fail to attend. If I fail to attend a class or session on 3 occasions, my access to the booking facility may be revoked at the discretion of the owner of Capricorn Fitness.

d. I understand that open session booking timings remain extant regardless of when I arrive and I will not be permitted to remain longer than the allotted time without the express permission of the Capricorn Fitness staff present. I accept that no refunds will be given (partial or otherwise) if my workout is curtailed due to arriving late.

e. As a ‘pay-as-you-go’ member, I will pay for each session prior to taking part.

f. As a subscribing member, I am responsible for payment of my monthly/annual membership fee at the start of every month.

g. I understand that I may leave my personal effects in the client storage area at my own risk whilst I am present in the facility. When I leave, I will take my effects with me. I understand that if I leave any personal effects unattended, I do so at my own risk and that Capricorn Fitness does not accept any responsibility for the loss of any personal effects.

h. I will inform Capricorn Fitness of any change in my health or on-going medical conditions before I undertake any scheduled physical activity in the facility.

i. Rude or inappropriate misconduct to the staff or other members will not be tolerated and any offending member may have their membership revoked with immediate effect at the discretion of the owner of Capricorn Fitness, including forfeiture of fees already paid.

j. All timings will be taken from the Training Studio clock regarding any dispute over ‘lateness’ to a class or open session.

k. Class spaces must be booked and paid for in advance online at Spaces will not be guaranteed otherwise.

l. ‘No Shows’ for all class and open session bookings are non-refundable.

m. Access to open sessions will only be permitted following completion of a mandatory induction. This can be arranged in advance by email: or Facebook message.

n. Access to the facility is by prior arrangement only and open sessions must be booked in advance.