Circuit Training/Conditioning Classes (£6 per person PAYG).  Based on general conditioning through resistance training, suitable for most able-bodied people (please check with your GP or get in touch if you are unsure if it’s appropriate for you).  In these classes you can expect to be pushing yourself against the clock lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, throwing and dragging in order to build on your overall fitness.  Classes are currently limited to 8 places in order to ensure effective supervision and coaching and must be booked in advance online.  BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL.

Circuit training 2018 Timetable:

Tuesday 1830-1930

Strength Classes (£8.50 per person PAYG or Block Payments available).   This is what Capricorn Fitness is all about; straightforward and effective strength development for novices based on Barbell Squats, Pressing and Deadlifts.  Your ability to generate force against an object (Strength in other words) underpins every aspect of your physical performance.  If you get stronger; you’ll improve your running, swimming, throwing, jumping, climbing or even just your ability to get out of a chair.  Just like circuit training, places are limited to 8 and must be booked in advance online.  BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL.

Introductory coaching on the major lifts are mandatory for all newcomers before attendance to the classes is allowed.  After initial coaching, you can join our rolling Strength Training programme and work to improve your overall strength with other likeminded people.  Please get in touch for details.  Please note that some people may require more coaching than others before being admitted to the class programme to ensure safe and effective training for everyone in the class.

Strength Class timetable (1 July – 16 August 2019):

Monday & Friday: 1830-2000