I’m Mac, the owner of Capricorn Fitness. I qualified as a Personal Trainer and Sports Massage therapist following a career in the Royal Air Force Regiment. I’ve enjoyed different activities most of my life including mountaineering, running, swimming and circuit training. However, I developed a form of inflammatory Bowel Disease in my early thirties called Ulcerative Colitis and my health deteriorated to the point where I needed to find other ways of staying fit. I stumbled upon strength training with barbells and immediately felt the value; I added muscle, I dropped body fat, my knees and back stopped hurting and I became more athletic and powerful than before.

I switched from home-based personal training sessions and circuit-training classes to barbell strength training exclusively and opened my own gym. I was determined to be the best coach I could be and I’ve dedicated myself to learning as much as possible. In 2019 I became Barbell Logic Online Coaching’s first Professional Barbell Coach in the UK and I’m currently their only coach in Scotland.

My gym membership is really varied, and I love coaching lifters who are completely new to training. Seeing people grow in confidence and capability makes my job incredibly rewarding, especially if we’re working to overcome an injury or illness. I also love the problem-solving aspect of helping develop people in the pursuit of improved athletic performance. My wife Melissa is a dedicated lifter and I’m so pleased that both my girls are getting involved!