1. Please observe physical distancing when waiting to enter; please do not attempt to enter the gym until a member of staff has confirmed that it is safe to do so. Adhere to your session timings (We use the gym clock for this).
  1. Wash hands before you travel, then wash hands and use hand sanitiser on entering the gym.
  1. Bring enough drinking water to last the session.
  1. Come dressed ready to change; toilet is not to be used as a changing room.
  1. Bring your own chalk & hand sanitiser.
  1. Stay within your allocated training area.
  1. If you need extra equipment, please ask at the start of the session. Please note that you will require your own belt, shoes, lifting straps etc.
  1. Check that you have enough space to maintain physical distancing rules before changing plates. If you need to wait; WAIT.
  1. Two people are required when spotting for squats (one at each end of the barbell); spotters must wear face coverings.
  1. If only one spotter available for bench, lifter AND spotter must wear face coverings.
  1. There is no access to office.
  1. Wash hands after using the toilet.
  1. Take all personal equipment with you when you’re finished.
  1. Dispose of rubbish in the bins provided.
  1. Brush chalk off the barbell before you leave.
  1. Wash your hands before leaving.
  1. Use hand sanitiser when leaving the gym and exit through rear fire door.