Access and Attendance

–    Class and open session spaces must be booked and paid for in advance online.  Spaces will not be guaranteed otherwise.

–    Access to open sessions will only be permitted following completion of a mandatory induction.  This can be arranged in advance by email: or Facebook message.

–    ‘No Shows’ for all bookings are non-refundable.

–    For their own safety and the safety of others, late arrivals to classes will not be permitted to take part if they have missed the warm up and session brief.  The other class attendees will not be inconvenienced to accommodate someone else’s late arrival.  Access will be purely at the discretion of the class instructor and no refund will be made.

–    Open session booking timings remain extant regardless of when the client arrives; late arrivals will not be permitted to remain longer than the allotted time without the express permission of the Capricorn Fitness staff present.  No refunds will be given (Partial or otherwise) if a client has a curtailed workout due to arriving late.

–    If a class is in progress, the Instructor will not be available to answer general enquiries and will not stop the class unless in the event of an emergency.

–    Unless taking part in a class, open session or induction, access to the main training area is not permitted without the explicit consent of the Capricorn Fitness staff present.

–    If you’re suffering from a cold/flu or debilitating illness; entry to the studio will not be permitted.  Instead, please get in touch to reschedule; refunds will be available if class/open sessions are cancelled prior to taking place in this case.  However, users attempting to gain access whilst suffering illness/cold or flu will not be admitted and will not be refunded.

–    All timings will be taken from the Training Studio clock regarding any dispute over ‘lateness’ to a class or open session.

–    You must be 17 years of age or older to join Capricorn Fitness as a member or attend open sessions or classes without adult supervision.

General Health

–    A Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) must be completed before any class or open session is undertaken.

–    Anyone suffering from a medically controlled condition such as asthma will not be permitted to take part in any instructor-led activity unless they have their appropriate relief medication (or snack in the case of diabetes) immediately available.

–    Capricorn Fitness must be informed of any significant changes to your health before undertaking any form of exercise.

Use of Equipment

–    All equipment must be put back in its respective storage area.

–    All equipment is to be used in a controlled manner at all times.

–    Safety Spotter Pins are to be used if training alone with barbells in the rack areas.

–    In the interests of safety to others Olympic lifts (Cleans, Jerks and Snatches) are only to be performed with the explicit consent of a member of the Capricorn Fitness staff present.

–    Equipment will be used in accordance with the guidance demonstrated during the induction process unless explicitly instructed otherwise by the member of Capricorn Fitness staff present.

–    If you’re not sure about how to use any piece of equipment, ask a member of staff before attempting to use it.

–    Sweat must be removed from the equipment or surface that have been used with the cleaning materials provided.

–    Litter is to be discarded in the bin provided.

Personal Effects

–    If any personal effects are left unattended in the Training Studio, it is done so at the owner’s own risk.  Capricorn Fitness does not accept any responsibility for the loss of any personal effects.

–    Personal effects are only to be left in the storage areas provided; bags and loose items of clothing are not permitted in the training area.

Personal Conduct

–    All mobile phone conversations are to be taken outside.

–    Rude, offensive and inappropriate behaviour to the staff or facility users will not be tolerated and may result in access being revoked at the discretion of the Capricorn Fitness staff present.

–    No photos or videos are to be made of other Training Studio users without their explicit consent.

–    Keep your advice to yourself unless someone actually asks you for it.

The Bottom Line

Please show respect to others and to the equipment………and GET STRONGER.