Access and Attendance

– If a class is in progress, the Instructor will not be available to answer general enquiries and will not stop the class unless in the event of an emergency.

– Access to the main training area is not permitted without the explicit consent of the Capricorn Fitness staff present.

– If you’re suffering from a cold/flu or debilitating illness; entry to the studio will not be permitted.  Instead, please get in touch to reschedule; refunds will be available if class/open sessions are cancelled prior to taking place in this case.  However, users attempting to gain access whilst suffering illness/cold or flu will not be admitted and will not be refunded.


– You must be 17 years of age or older to join Capricorn Fitness as a member or attend open sessions or classes without adult supervision.

General Health

– A Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) must be completed by all gym users.

– Anyone suffering from a medically controlled condition such as asthma will not be permitted to take part in any instructor-led activity unless they have their appropriate relief medication (or snack in the case of diabetes) immediately available.

Use of Equipment

– All equipment must be put back in storage after use.

– All equipment is to be used in a controlled manner at all times.

– Safety Spotter Pins are to be used when training with barbells in the rack areas.

– In the interests of safety to others Olympic lifts (Cleans, Jerks and Snatches) are only to be performed with the explicit consent of a member of the Capricorn Fitness staff present.

– If you’re not sure about how to use any piece of equipment, ask a member of staff before attempting to use it.

– Sweat must be removed from the equipment or surface that have been used with the cleaning materials provided.

– Litter is to be discarded in the bin provided.

Personal Effects

– Personal effects may be left in the storage areas provided; bags and loose items of clothing are not permitted in the training area.

– Clean footwear is to be worn inside the gym.

Personal Conduct

– All mobile phone conversations are to be taken outside.

– Rude, offensive and inappropriate behaviour to the staff or facility users will not be tolerated and may result in access being revoked at the discretion of the Capricorn Fitness staff present.

– No photos are to be taken or videos made of other Training Studio users without their explicit consent.

– Keep your advice to yourself unless someone actually asks you for it.

– Keep out of the treatment room unless specifically invited by a member of the Capricorn Fitness Staff.

The Bottom Line

Please show respect to others and to the equipment………and GET STRONGER.